Meals Made Simple

Meals Made Simple

Meals Made Simple
per year

Wellness starts with what’s on your plate…

Which is why you’ve spent forever trying to find the perfect diet.

Weightwatchers, keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, high-protein, raw food, intermittent fasting, low-sugar, and everything in-between.....

You’ve tried it all.

And, honestly, you’re tired.

Every new recipe has a million new ingredients, they take hours to prepare, and you can’t convince your family to get on board with your new diet. Not to mention, all of the tried (and failed) health experiments are starting to eat up your bank account. This whole “clean eating” thing is starting to feel way more complicated than its worth, right?

That is why I created Meals Made Simple. Let me do all the heavy lifting and you just enjoy the rewards!

Each week you will receive 

  1. a full week of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions delivered to your email.
  2. Full Recipes, and
  3. Grocery List to make shopping simple

Choose Vegetarian or Whole Food Plant Based Meals.

For a limited time only $1.00 per week!

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