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My name is Nanyamka Joseph, and I am a functional nutrition coach helping driven, working women (like you!) become the healthiest version of themselves.
My journey to health started with a desire to have my first child. After years of trying with no success, the solution came in one surprising, simple form… food! When I changed the way I ate, I was able to ovulate and conceive my first child. It was a total miracle! This is why I believe in the power of clean, conscious eating. Everything changes when we invest in our health. 
However, this is not where my story ends. After having my second son, I struggled for years with weight. The extra weight caused joint pain, stiffness, low energy, and migraines. It was starting to affect the way I showed up for my family, my career, and my relationship with myself. I knew I needed to change and I needed to change fast. So, I went back to the thing that changed me before. I reinvested in my diet and, within months, I was already starting to feel a difference. 
- I melted off 50lbs
- Increased my mobility
- Boosted my energy level.
- Improved my confidence.

Most importantly, I was able to be there for my family in ways I couldn’t be before. I share all of this to say that I know exactly where you are. I know this journey isn’t easy, I know the frustration of the scale going up and down, and I know the exhaustion of trying to figure it all out on your own…
I know that you’re capable of breaking this cycle once and for all and I want to help you do just that!
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